15 Best Airbnbs in Birmingham, AL (2022 Edition)

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The city of Birmingham, Alabama, has a vibrant and detailed history. Created by merging several smaller towns as part of Reconstruction after the American Civil War, Birmingham has been an influential spot on the map for railroads, steel production, and the American Civil Rights Movement. Today, it’s a leader in the finance world and in biotechnology and medical research. It’s also a point of interest for nature fans, with one of the largest urban nature preserves and one of the most ecologically diverse river ecosystems in the country. The city also has many museums and festivals that attract visitors from all over.

Whether you’re traveling to the city to visit family, attend a seminar, or simply see the sights, you’ll need some really good accommodation. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Airbnbs in Birmingham, Alabama. To be certain we’re only showing the very best, all of the Airbnbs on this list are run by superhosts, hosts who have a strong record of good reviews and great service. Additionally, some of them belong to Airbnb Plus, meaning their rentals have been inspected in-person by an Airbnb representative to ensure quality.

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Historic Loft in Birmingham, Alabama, USA
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Historic Studio Loft

This loft is located in a historic district of downtown, and with arched windows and red brick in the walls, staying here feels a little bit like the past is leaking into the present. 

This Birmingham Airbnb has a queen-size bed with a thick wooden frame, adding to the historic atmosphere of the room. Matching nightstands are placed on either side. The white couch sits a few feet in front of the bed, with the wall-mounted smart TV visible from both vantage points. On one wall is an elegant writing desk, great for anyone working while they travel.

The pastel blue kitchen is newly remodeled and has a fridge, stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher. A freestanding breakfast bar acts as a dining table or a secondary workplace. The bathroom is well lit and has a combination shower and tub. Throughout the space, the arched windows let in lots of soft diffused sunlight through sheer white curtains, but if you’d like to sleep in, there are light-blocking shades available, too. 

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Sunny Modern Apartment With Garden

This apartment is great for anyone who is looking for apartment rentals in Birmingham but doesn’t like the shut-in feeling of high rises or building complexes. With lots of sunlight in the apartment and access to a garden that includes lots of great amenities, this Birmingham Airbnb feels open and relaxing.

The kitchenette has a toaster oven, microwave, fridge, and coffee maker, plus a breakfast bar that seats two. A covered, screened-in outdoor dining room is also available to all guests on the property and includes ten chairs, a padded bench, and some string lights. In the living room, an olive couch and blue accents provide a great place for taking some vacation photos or just relaxing with a book. The wooden work desk has enough room for a laptop. In the gray and yellow bedroom is a memory foam king-size bed, and the bathroom has a large tiled walk-in shower.

And, of course, the true gem of this apartment is the garden. For places to lounge, look for the patio with chairs or the section of garden with hammocks. Background ambiance is provided by the sound of trickling water from both the tall sculpted fountain and the small cascading pond full of tiny waterfalls. 

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Family-Friendly, Spacious Groomerson Inn

This huge apartment is a great alternative for people who are interested in rental houses in Birmingham but don’t want to go too far out into the suburbs to find a good one. Ringing in at over 1,000 square feet, this apartment is bigger than some single bedroom houses but is conveniently located in the Forest District just outside of downtown. It also has a backyard and a porch, checking all the same boxes as a house. 

The bright and sunny living room has a mostly neutral color palette with a gray couch, brown and clear furnishings, white walls, and small colorful accents that add personality. If you need more sleeping space than just the bedroom, an air mattress fits in this room perfectly. A TV stands to one side, and small tables provide great places to set coffee or wine. In the kitchen, you’ll find a ton of counter space, plus a stove, oven, fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and dishwasher. The dining room continues the color theme from the living room and has a table and chairs that can seat four. 

The bedroom has a queen-size bed with a simple, almost dainty metal frame. Windows, nightstands, and reading lamps sit on either side in perfect symmetry. The bathroom has a tiled shower, plus a children’s bathtub for little ones. A stately emerald green desk sits in the office alongside a desk chair, a cushy reading chair, and a whole wall full of bookshelves. A laundry room provides a place to wash your clothes, a small table and chairs seats two on the porch, and the backyard includes a children’s playhouse. And, if your definition of “bringing the whole family” includes your furry friends, too, then you’re in luck, because this Airbnb in Birmingham is also pet-friendly.

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Warm, Homey Apartment

This apartment is furnished to feel like a fancy home, with elegant and luxurious details worked into much of the furniture and decorations. It’s also located just minutes from all the main attractions of the city, making this one of the most popular rental apartments in Birmingham.

The living room has a big couch and elegant armchairs facing a wall-mounted TV. A rich red rug covers the floor, and a coffee table provides room for board games. Glass-paned French doors lead to the partially covered patio, where you’ll find a table and chairs for outdoor dining, plus two rocking lounge chairs. Greenery and orchids add color and give the space a calm, earthy feel. In the kitchenette, you’ll find basics such as a fridge, microwave, and coffee maker.

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, a desk and chair, a large picture window, and pink and green accents. Two single beds with sculpted and padded headboards stand in the second bedroom, and contemporary art hangs on the walls. The home has one full bathroom with a large walk-in steam shower, as well as a second half bath.

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Remodeled 1930s Cottage

Built in 1934, this beautiful home has been remodeled to fit a comfy and relaxing modern standard of living. And since the neighborhood is from that time period, many of the surrounding buildings still have elements of historic architecture. If you’re on the hunt for Old South-style houses for rent in Birmingham, this delightful two bedroom cottage might be the perfect choice for you.

Both bedrooms have a double bed, a nightstand, and sheer curtains to let soft diffused sunlight in and give the room a comfortable glow. The bathroom has a walk-in shower with a small lip to prevent spills onto the floor, and a bowl sink that sits on a large countertop, great for guests who like extra space to do their hair or makeup. A washer and dryer are also available.

The kitchen has a full range of cooking tools and stainless-steel appliances so you’ll be able to make delicious meals, and a breakfast bar seats two. In the living room, a futon serves as a couch while folded but folds out to sleep two extra people if needed. It sits across from a wall-mounted TV. Outside, the home has a modest wooden deck and a grassy backyard that’s excellent for playing frisbee or tag. 

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Luxury Condo in Heart of Downtown

This incredibly gorgeous rental is great for anyone looking for condo rentals in Birmingham, as it’s in the center of the city and is located in a condo complex with lots of great amenities. Since it can accommodate up to ten people, it’s also ideal for travelers looking for Birmingham Airbnbs that have room for larger groups.

There are two bedrooms in this condo. The first room has two queen-size beds, and the other has two kings. Both have windows to let in plenty of sunlight, lots of extra pillows, and TVs. There are two full bathrooms as well, with combination bathtubs and showers in both, and large mirrors. In the living room, there’s a third TV, and the sectional sofa pulls out into a queen-size bed for more sleeping space. 

The kitchen has granite countertops plus a stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, and fridge. A large, free-standing kitchen island serves as both an extra space for preparing food and as a breakfast bar that seats five people. On the balcony outside, there’s a cushioned outdoor couch that faces a beautiful view. The condo complex will also provide you access to more outdoor seating, a firepit, a gym, a pool, computers, and even a few retro-style video games. 

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Vibrant, Pet-Friendly Retreat

Not all vacation rentals in Birmingham will allow guests to bring their four-legged family members along for the journey, so if you’re planning on having your pet with you, this home might be a good fit.

The kitchen has granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances, and a gas stove, so you’ll feel like a five-star chef while preparing meals. The washer and dryer are also in this room. A bright, natural-wood dining table seats four and is flanked on two sides by tall windows to fill the room with sunshine during meals. In the living room, furniture in mid-century style and varying shades of green, yellow, and gray create a colorful and energizing space to chat, relax, or watch TV. A writing desk sits in one corner.

Both bedrooms have queen-size memory foam beds, with nightstands and rugs. The first has a floral décor theme that creates a serene atmosphere, and includes a pet bed. The second has yellow accents and vintage cartoon artwork that lends it a sunny, energetic feel. The bathroom is mostly white to help it feel as clean and relaxing as possible, and the host provides extra touches such as dried lavender to make it almost spa-like. The home has a back deck with a barbecue grill and patio furniture, and a front yard that provides kids and pets with room to play. 

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Bright and Open Loft

This loft has lots of sunshine that pours in through the windows, which look out on the city streets and give you a glimpse of the downtown skyline. With industrial-chic style and room for up to four guests, it’s easy to see why this is one of the best Birmingham Airbnbs. 

There are two beds, one a king-size and the other a queen-size. One of them sits in an open upstairs and the other in a partially walled-off part of the downstairs floor. They both have lots of pillows, nightstands with reading lamps, and nearby windows to let you wake up with the sun. The bathroom has a shower and a double vanity with lots of counter space. 

The living room space has a couch and a loveseat, which provide extra sleeping accommodations if needed. In the kitchen, you’ll find both a Keurig coffee maker and a standard drip coffee maker, as well as a stove, oven, blender, dishwasher, fridge, and microwave. The breakfast bar has mismatched bar stools that seat three people for meals. And, if you love the sunny atmosphere but want to block out the city for a bit, all of the windows have gauzy curtains that can be closed for privacy but still let in plenty of light.

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Mid-Century Bungalow

With color, charm, and lots of mid-century inspired art and décor, this bungalow is a fantastic choice for anyone on the hunt for short-term house rentals in Birmingham that have an extra dose of personality. 

The full kitchen has all the appliances you need for cooking an excellent meal and also contains a washing machine and a dryer in case you need to do laundry. A gold-and-white dining table with clear acrylic chairs seats up to three people. A blue couch and some yellow chairs fill the living room and face the wall-mounted TV, and additional armchairs sit in the corner by a window. 

This Airbnb in Birmingham has two bedrooms, each with queen-sized beds, colorful pillows, side tables in mid-century style, and bedside lights. The two bathrooms both have showers, large mirrors, and vanity-style lighting. Outside, a deck holds a picnic table to facilitate outdoor dining, and string lights hang overhead for a cozy ambiance. 

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Newly Remodeled Modern Downtown Loft

A lot of work has gone into making this home feel authentic and keeping its history while still bringing it into the modern day and making it a comfortable and relaxing place to stay. If you’re thinking about renting an apartment in Birmingham and hope you can find one that has that perfect mix of old and new, this loft’s restored original flooring and exposed brick wall paired with a TV and stainless-steel kitchen appliances might just do the trick.

The kitchen has a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, stainless-steel stove and oven, and coffee maker. A breakfast bar seats two people, or if you have a larger party or a fancy meal, the dining table can seat four. The living room has an ultra-plush white rug that lies under a coffee table and a slate blue couch, which faces the TV. An armchair to one side sits atop a pink knit rug and is paired with a tiny side table and a floor lamp that help create a perfect nook for reading, playing handheld games, or talking on the phone. 

The bedroom has a queen-size bed with extra blankets, a miniature mountain of pillows, and night stands with sculpted gold reading lamps on either side. It’s divided from the rest of the apartment by a sliding barn-style wooden door, which can be closed for privacy or opened to give the loft a more spacious feel. In the tiled all-white bathroom, you’ll find a glass-door walk-in shower and plenty of extra towels. 

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Professionally Designed Loft in Theater District

This Airbnb in Birmingham is another one that showcases the gorgeous red-brown brick of a historical building downtown, but this one does it with high-end style with furnishings and décor chosen by a professional. If you have an eye for art and design and are on the lookout for vacation homes for rent in Birmingham that feel curated and organized, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

Polished marble countertops adorn the kitchen, where you’ll find a stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and coffee maker. A dining table with chairs and a bench is crafted from the same marble. The large sitting area provides room for conversation or board game nights, with two couches, an armchair, and an ottoman sitting under a stunning chandelier centerpiece. Since this is on the ground floor in the middle of the city, floor-to-ceiling curtains hang in front of the front entryway, providing privacy in a stylish manner.

There are two bedrooms, both done in a mostly grayscale color scheme with touches of gold to add a little elegance. One room has a queen-size bed, and the other has a king-size bed. You’ll also be able to watch TV while snuggled up under the covers. In the bathroom, a glass-walled walk-in shower includes a rain-style showerhead, and the marble sink faces a round mirror. 

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Artsy, Colorful Loft With Balcony

If you like the sound of a curated, art-focused Birmingham Airbnb but want one with more eclectic choices and a pop of color, then take a peek at this vivid studio-style apartment. 

The living room area is set up with a chair and a cushy leather couch that face a coffee table made of glass and golden elephant sculptures. The floor is covered with a turquoise, green, and red rug decorated in starburst patterns. The king-size bed is located against a wall in a slightly separate area of the room, and the TV is located on the other wall, so you can watch your favorite movies and shows from either the couch or the bed. The bathroom has a tiled walk-in shower with glass doors, and more art on the walls.

The full kitchen has pastel blue and bright red accents and is equipped with all the standard appliances. A breakfast bar with colorfully stained wood panels seats two people. In the hallway beside the kitchen, you’ll find a door to the laundry room alongside a ladder that leads to a small secret loft space that provides an extra place to lounge. French doors lead to a private balcony, where you’ll find a table and chairs for two.

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Adelene Garden Getaway

Though technically considered a condo, this beautiful home in the Highland Park neighborhood has all the perks of renting a house in Birmingham. The rooms have windows on multiple walls, the home is spacious, and you’ll have access to amenities like a fireplace and a backyard. 

There are two bedrooms which both have a queen-size bed, big windows that let in lots of sun, and hanging plants. One bedroom also has a computer desk with two chairs and a printer. There are two air mattresses available as well to provide additional sleeping arrangements if necessary. The bathroom has art on the walls, a bathtub-and-shower combo, and a floral décor scheme throughout the home that pairs perfectly with the garden theme. The sitting room is one of the best parts of this Airbnb in Birmingham, as it has many windows that let in sun and let you view the verdant green plants surrounding you, and there are comfy chairs to lounge in and vines growing across the walls. 

There’s a separate living room which has a couch, two chairs, some bookshelves, and a TV that includes a retro N64 video game console with controllers for two people and several classic games. The kitchen has a stove, griddle, microwave, dishwasher, toaster oven, fridge, and coffee maker. Just outside the kitchen is a dining room with a table that seats four, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, and a bar that includes a cubby the perfect size for a pet bed, should you bring your furry friends along. Outside, there is a table and chairs in the backyard and a garden with stone steps leading to a low overlook point.

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The Rail Yard Loft

Another high-end, luxurious option in the heart of Birmingham is this beautiful, spacious loft. It’s great for people traveling with friends, as it has room for up to five people. And with its west-facing windows that fill the space with a sunset glow every evening, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular Birmingham Airbnb. 

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, a big window, large statement wall art, and a private en suite bathroom. The master bath has a large walk-in shower with a rain-style showerhead, glass doors, and no step or lip for entry. In the second bedroom, you’ll find a queen-size bed, more statement art, and a cushioned chair that’s great for reading in. The second bathroom has a shower-and-bathtub combo and walls patterned to look like the whole room was sculpted from a giant block of white marble. 

The full kitchen has all the basic appliances you’d expect, crafted in stainless steel. There’s also a washer and dryer in the kitchen, as well as some extra fancy amenities like an espresso machine and an ice and water dispenser. In the formal dining room, a dark wood table has chairs for six and sits next to an electric fireplace. The living room is nearby and has emerald green armchairs and a gray sofa, plus a TV. 

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Conveniently Located Private Apartment

Located close to both the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the medical district, this apartment is fantastic for people attending college events or traveling for work. It’s also fairly central to the city, placing guests close to restaurants, shopping, and even local sports games. 

A king-size bed with extra pillows and blankets sits in the bedroom, along with a small bedside table and a lamp. The bathroom is stocked with fresh towels, soaps, and wipes, and has peacock-themed décor that adds color. 

In the living room, you’ll find an armchair and a comfy leather couch, as well as satellite TV and an electric fireplace. A cowskin rug gives the room a bit of rustic Southern charm, the coffee table comes equipped with a checkerboard for game nights, and an antique-style side table holds a wine rack and some glasses for spending a relaxing evening in. The kitchen has a stove, oven, microwave, and coffee maker, plus dishes for two people. 

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No matter what brings you to the state of Alabama, there’s an Airbnb that can surely meet all your needs. It’s our hope that this list of the best Airbnb rentals in Birmingham will help you kickstart your adventure to this iconic city. 


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