10 Best Travel Shoe Bags in 2022

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When it comes to packing luggage, one of the trickiest parts is figuring out where to put your shoes. But forget those old-school tricks of packing them in bread sacks or Ziploc bags! These days, travel shoe bags are compact, affordable, convenient, and much more effective than a crinkly plastic sack.

Just look below for everything you need to know about finding the best shoe bags on Amazon.  

Best Overall Travel Shoe Bag

1. Pack All Water-Resistant Travel Shoe Bag

Pack All Water-Resistant Travel Shoe Bag

The Pack All Water-Resistant Travel Shoe Bag is a zippered mesh bag made with waterproof polyester and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It has a top handle carrying loop and a unique, smooth-glide zipper for easy opening and closing. This bag protects the shoes inside from dust and stains during storage and prevents them from getting other items in your suitcase dirty. In addition, the see-through mesh allows shoes to be easily identified. Avoid putting the zipper underwater as only the mesh part of the bag is waterproof. Each bag weighs 2 ounces when empty, measures 15.75 x 8.66 x 3.15 inches when filled, and fits one pair of shoes (up to size 11) and one pair of slippers. 

The Pack All Water-Resistant Travel Shoe Bag is one of the best travel shoe bags on Amazon and comes in various colors, including black, gray, mustard, orange, and white. The white option is made with ultra-light nylon rather than polyester and TPU.

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Best XL Travel Shoe Bag

2. Yamiu Travel Shoe Bag

Yamiu Travel Shoe Bag

One of the best shoe bags for traveling is the Yamiu Travel Shoe Bag. It comes in two size options, is made with high-quality waterproof material, features a smooth zipper design, and has an unconditional lifetime warranty. The Yamiu Travel Shoe Bag is great for daily use and outdoor activities and is sold in mixed-size sets of two or four bags. Standard size bags are suitable for women’s and men’s shoes under size 10, and the XL bag is big enough to fit one pair of men’s shoes from sizes 10 to 14, one pair of women’s shoes, or two pairs of kids’ shoes. This bag works well for storing or traveling with all types of shoes, from sneakers to beach shoes, high-heeled shoes, and specialty sports shoes. The bag is made with superior waterproof fabric and a high-quality center-placed zipper, plus a top handle for carrying. The standard bag measures 9 x 14.5 inches when lying flat, and the XL size measures 9 x 17 inches.

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Best Washable Travel Shoe Bag Sets

3. Misslo Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bag

Misslo Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bag

If you’re looking for more than one storage bag for shoes, opt for the four-pack offered by Misslo. The Misslo Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bag set comes with one XL and three standard size, lightweight, tear-resistant nylon bags. The XL bag holds one pair of men’s mid-height, size 11 hiking boots or tennis shoes, size 13 loafers, size 14 flip flops, or one pair of women’s size 9 high heels. These bags are great for protecting shoes from dust and scuffs during storage and for separating shoes from clothing when packed in a suitcase. In addition, they can carry sports shoes, a makeup bag, travel accessories, or laundry. The Misslo travel bag sets are available in all black or mixed color options and have a one-year limited warranty. Additional features include a top loop handle, a premium zipper, and washable materials.

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Best Bulk Set of Travel Shoe Bags

4. Diommell Travel Shoe Bag

Diommell Travel Shoe Bag

For a bulk set of shoe bags for travel, the 12-piece set offered by Diommell is an ideal option. The collapsible, drawstring, see-through bags are great for travel and also work well for closet organization. They keep stored shoes organized and protect them from dust and scuffs while separating them from other items inside a suitcase. The black, high-quality, durable bags have non-woven fabric, a thick drawstring cord, and a transparent window. The bags measure 17.3 x 12.6 inches and are suitable shoe covers for men’s, women’s, and kids’ shoes, including hiking and tennis shoes, flip flops, and dance or golf shoes. In addition, the lightweight, breathable, foldable, odor-proof, and stain-resistant bags are convenient for organizing shoes, gym or travel accessories, laundry, makeup, and toiletries.

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Best Golf Shoe Bag for Travel

5. Adidas Unisex Stadium II Team Shoe Bag

Adidas Unisex Stadium II Team Shoe Bag

When it comes to attractive and functional shoe bags ideal for golfing, the Adidas Unisex Stadium II Team Shoe Bag is one of the best golf shoe bags out there. It’s a ventilated bag with a lined interior, a looped hauling handle, and a duffel bag-style zipper. The exterior is solid black with classic, black Adidas stripes and a white logo, and the inside is a vibrant lime green color. It weighs just seven ounces, is suitable for men’s and women’s shoes, and measures 13.5 x 6 x 6.5 inches. The fashionable shoe bag is ideal for carrying sports shoes, including those with cleats or spikes. It also makes a great sneaker bag for travel, effectively keeping debris and odors away from other items in a suitcase or backpack. This bag is also suitable for various storage uses, including toiletries, makeup, and gym gear.

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Best Shoe Box Travel Case

6. Nike Shoe Box Bag

Nike Shoe Box Bag

If you’d prefer to carry a traditional shoebox rather than a shoe bag, the Nike Shoe Box Bag is a great travel case for shoes. It looks like a classic Nike shoe box complete with the white Nike logo and swoosh symbol on top, front, and sides, plus typeface on the back. But this travel case for shoes is much more durable than the typical cardboard box you get at the store when you purchase a new pair of Nikes. Instead, it’s more like a minisuitcase for shoes with a sturdy, hand-washable textile exterior, a full-zip closure, a carrying handle, and an eyelet for ventilation. It weighs 7.44 ounces, measures 15.31 x 10.98 x 4.33 inches, and fits one pair of standard-size or XL men’s or women’s shoes or two pairs of kids’ shoes. In addition, Amazon reviewers report that it adequately holds a pair of men’s size 13 tennis shoes, men’s size 12 golf shoes, and men’s size 11 mid-top sneakers. Stylish color options include orange and white, or black, gray, and white.

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Best Carry-On Sneaker Bag for Travel

7. Kicks Kase Premium Sneaker Bag

Kicks Kase Premium Sneaker Bag

The Kicks Kase Premium Sneaker Bag is hands-down the best travel shoe case out there for serious sneaker fanatics. It’s pricier than the others on this list but this duffel-style travel bag for shoes is well worth it. Not only does it include separate compartments for up to four pairs of men’s size 14 shoes, but it also has two large side pockets, one exterior front pocket, three interior accessory pockets, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag is even TSA-friendly and fits the carry-on spaces for all major airlines, plus the main compartment has two zippers suitable for attaching a small lock. All materials on the bag are resistant to stains and color bleeding, guaranteeing no color transfer to the shoes carried inside. Each shoe compartment comes with removable, customizable, high-quality Velcro dividers. Without shoes, the bag weighs 3.24 pounds and measures 19.5 x 14 x 4.9 inches. It has a black exterior with black straps and a red interior lining.

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Best Budget Travel Shoe Bag

8. JJ Power Travel Shoe Bag

JJ Power Travel Shoe Bag

The best shoe bags for those who love basic and budget-friendly products are the JJ Power Travel Shoe Bags. These waterproof, double-layer, foldable shoe bags are affordable but not cheaply made. Instead, they have double-stitched, waterproof nylon, durable two-way zippers, an inner mesh pocket, delicate edges, and reinforced firm handles. The JJ Power Travel Shoe Bags are sold in sets of two or four weighing 60 grams each and measuring 17 x 9 inches when open. Each shoe bag is suitable for carrying one pair of men’s shoes between sizes 10 and 14, plus one pair of slippers. In addition, they come in a wide variety of color options, including blue, gray, lavender, navy, pink, beige, and sea blue, or multicolor sets.

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Best Travel Shoe Bag for Luggage

9. Mossio Shoe Bag

Mossio Shoe Bag

The Mossio Shoe Bag is one of the best travel shoe bags on Amazon because it’s affordable, durable, lightweight, waterproof, washable, and breathable. It also has a larger than average capacity thanks to multiple compartments, a trolley strap to secure luggage handles, a durable top hand strap, and heavy-duty zippers. In addition, the bag has waterproof polyester with a wraparound zipper and a mesh viewing window. Inside, there are three layers to effectively protect up to three pairs of shoes from dust and moisture during storage while also effectively separating dirty shoes from clothing when packed inside a suitcase. Each bag measures 13.58 x 10.63 x 1.34 inches and weighs 8.47 ounces. The Mossio Shoe Bags are available in numerous colors and patterns, including beige, dark blue, gray, light pink, sky blue, blue flower, pink leopard, pink striped, and white cactus.

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Best Lightweight Travel Shoe Bag

10. Dot&Dot Shoe Bag

Dot&Dot Shoe Bag

Dot&Dot Shoe Bags are the clear winner when it comes to lightweight yet durable travel shoe bags. This bag weighs less than an ounce but doesn’t have cheap plastic or flimsy mesh. Instead, quality materials include a water-resistant honeycomb fabric, breathable heavy-duty mesh, durable double zippers, and reinforced handles. All of these prevent dirt and moisture from entering the bag while keeping odors and shoe debris away from other items in a suitcase, backpack, or closet. Each shoe bag is solid black with gray piping and measures 13.75 x 7 x 4.5 inches and is suitable for holding at least one pair of women’s or men’s dress shoes, sports shoes, or sneakers. If you carry more than one pair, the interior includes a material lining to separate multiple pairs of shoes.

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What to Look for in Travel Shoe Bags

Buying a travel shoe bag might seem like a straightforward purchase, but there are quite a few things to consider. Check out the most critical aspects of the best travel shoe bags below.

1. Size

When thinking about size, there are two main things to consider when buying a travel shoe bag. The first is the actual dimensions of the bag. If you’ll be carrying it inside a suitcase, backpack, or carry-on, it’s good to know how much space it will take up in the bag. But if you plan on carrying the shoe bag as a stand-alone luggage piece, ensure that it falls within the dimensions that qualify as carry-on luggage.

The second part of the size equation is the size of your shoes, especially if you wear XL or are packing high-heels or boots. Unfortunately, many shoe bags are not designed to fit stilettos, rain boots, cowboy boots, or hiking boots, nor can they equip sizes larger than a women’s size 9 or a men’s size 10. So if you plan to pack any such items, look for shoe bags labeled as XL or suitable for tall shoes.

2. Quality & Durability

If you plan on using a shoe bag more than once, pay special attention to the quality of the product. Unfortunately, many budget-priced shoe bags have thin nylon or plastic, cheap mesh, and poor-quality zippers. After all, it’s not a reasonable price if it falls apart after a few uses and needs replacing. However, affordable shoe bags can still be of good quality, so look for items with good quality zippers, double-stitched seams, and durable materials.

Also, spending more on a better quality bag means that your shoes have safeguards against dust, moisture, scuffs, and deformation. Additionally, the bag you purchase could last for countless trips and many years. So paying more for a shoe bag that protects the shoes, other items in your bag, and can be used for a long time makes a higher price worth it in the long run.

3. Bag, Sack, or Box

Not all shoe bags are actually bags. Instead, you can choose between typical angular zip-up bags, rucksack-style bags that cinch closed, duffel bag styles that hold multiple pairs of shoes, shoe bags specifically designed as carry-on items, and even amped-up shoe boxes.

Before you make a purchase, think about how you want to carry or store the shoe bag. Typical zip-up bags and cinch close bags are perfect for backpacks, soft or hard-sided boxes work well packed inside a suitcase, and duffel bags or carry-on bags are best if you want to carry your shoes in a separate bag.

4. Water-Resistance

In some cases, it’s ideal for shoe bags to have either a water-resistant lining or a water-resistant exterior. For example, if there is a chance that you’ll be packing away wet, dirty, or muddy shoes like hiking boots or running shoes, it’s great to have a water-resistant lining to prevent other items in your suitcase from getting wet.

If you are carrying your shoe bag separately, you want to think about protecting your shoes from rain, wet sidewalks, and potential splashes or spills. In that case, a water-resistant exterior is essential.

5. Washable

After returning from a trip, it’s always a good idea to throw everything in the wash. Especially if you’re bringing home shoes that could be dirty or contaminated, being able to wash the shoe bag is crucial. Check the product specifications carefully to find out if the bag can be put in a washing machine, can be wiped down with a wet cloth, or needs to be hand-washed. Be wary of any products that don’t include information on how to clean them properly.

6. Odor-Resistance

If you’re planning to pack closed-toe shoes, especially hiking boots, workout shoes, or any other shoes that you’ll be sweating in, think about the odor they leave behind. Putting smelly shoes in an odor-sealing bag will prevent your entire suitcase from smelling like a sweaty locker room. The same goes for traveling with shoe bags carried outside your luggage; the last thing you want is to leave a trail of stinky shoes behind you wherever you go. So, if there is any chance you’ll be traveling with shoes that smell bad, opt for a shoe bag with odor-resistant materials.

7. Viewing Window

Look for shoe bags that feature see-through material, like a transparent plastic window or a mesh pocket that allows the shoes to be visible. This feature is handy if you pack multiple pairs of shoes as it will enable you to see which pair of shoes are in each bag quickly.

8. Color Fastness

Some shoe bags have fabrics with color-fast dyes. These materials prevent colors on the bag from transferring to your shoes. Color leaking can happen if the bag does not have color-fast dyes. When the bag gets hot or collects moisture, the dyes can drip onto shoes inside and stain them. So, it’s worth ensuring the travel shoe bag has color-fast materials.

9. Suitable for Cleats & Heels

If you want to pack pointy shoes like high-heels, sports cleats, or shoes with spikes, choose a more durable shoe bag. Things to look for include heavy-duty materials that won’t easily puncture, interior lining, and reinforced seams.

Now that you’re armed with intel to buy the best travel shoe bag out there, go on and get packing! And tell us in the comments where you’ll be heading next.


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