10 Best Portable Washing Machines in 2022

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Whether you live in a tiny house, dream of camping and backpacking around the globe, or wish to lessen your carbon footprint at home, portable washing machines are a seriously intriguing option for getting laundry done.

The best portable washer and dryer sets are compact, energy-efficient, use less water, and wash laundry in far less time than traditional machines. In addition, they come in a variety of capabilities, sizes, and prices, including options that fit in RVs, suitcases, and backpacks.

Let’s dig into the details of the best compact washing machines available on Amazon.

Quick Answer: The Best Portable Washing Machines

Best Overall Portable Washing Machine

1. Giantex Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

Giantex Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

The Giantex Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine is an eco-friendly washing machine designed to use less energy, water, and detergent. It also has a compact style suitable for homes, apartments, dorms, and RVs. The mini washing machine features a two-tub style for washing and rinsing on one side and spinning moisture out on the other. This function reduces energy consumption and allows larger loads of clothing to wash faster. The Giantex Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine is easy to operate thanks to a top load design, easy-fill and easy-drain ports, filter nets, and simple dial knobs. Adjustable washing and spinning times make it possible to wash a load of laundry in 15 minutes and spin in five minutes. The washing tub holds up to 16 pounds of laundry (10 pounds for washing and six pounds for spinning) and uses a powerful motor, plus a pulsator and spin cap. It weighs 28 pounds, uses 120-volt power, fits in a 24.8 x 15 x 28.5-inch space, and is white with blue viewing windows.

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Best Budget Washing Machine

2. Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine

Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine

This compact washing machine is both the cheapest and lightest machine on our list. It weighs 22 pounds yet has a nine-pound load capacity, making it one of the best portable mini washing machines. In addition to being portable and affordable, the Super Deal Portable Compact Washing Machine is also ultra-durable and includes lots of extra features. This washer has two tubs, one for washing and rinsing and the other for spinning. The washing tub has a unique True Rinse technology that gives two deep-rinse cycles on every load to ensure the best rinse with the least water possible. It also has a high-density plastic body to prevent rust, plus an aluminum pump, upgraded motor, and suspension system that ensures this washing machine lasts longer than others. As a result, there are no problems washing baby clothes, undergarments, or woolen clothes. Set the device to soft washing mode and wash without worry. In addition, the lightweight, space-saving design makes this mini washer easy to move around and fit into tight spaces. This machine runs on 110 volts, fits into a 25.2 x 22.05 x 14.96-inch space, and is white and blue.

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Best Large Capacity Washing Machine

3. Kuppet Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

Kuppet Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

The Kuppet Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine is a large capacity small washing machine. It is also energy-saving, quiet, and durable, making it ideal for traditional homes, apartments, dorms, and RVs. This compact top-loading machine holds more laundry than typical portable washing machines, up to 18 pounds in the washing tub and eight pounds in the spinning tub. Many compact washing machines don’t include a drain pump, but this one does, and its 56-inch tube is super convenient and folds away when not in use. The high-efficiency tub features an easy-fill water inlet, a spin tub, cap, and pulsator. In addition, the operation panel has easy-to-use knobs to select wash type, wash time, and spin time. It weighs 26 pounds, runs on 110 volts, and measures 27.4 x 16.1 x 31.9 inches. Kuppet Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine is available in white with blue viewing windows or white with black viewing windows.

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Best Compact Mini Washer and Dryer

4. Costway Mini Washing Machine

Costway Mini Washing Machine

The Costway Mini Washing Machine is a two-in-one wash and spin dry clothing washer ideal for compact spaces in RVs, dorms, and apartments. It’s lightweight and has rubber footpads and a three-prong power cord, making it portable and super-easy to move around. In addition, it’s naturally water- and energy-efficient, which helps save on household costs. This top-loading mini laundry machine weighs just 12 pounds and washes and spins a 5.5-pound load of clothing in 15 minutes or less. The top load washing machine is easy to use with simple, labeled knobs and a primary water inlet that hooks up to a water hose and drain tube. Additional features include a delayed start timer, an easy-open handle, a clear blue lid, and sides that make it easy to see the water and clothing inside. This compact washer measures 22.44 x 15.94 x14.57 inches and is loved by reviewers for its ultra-quiet spin cycle.

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Best Non-Electric Washing Machine

5. The Laundry Alternative WonderWash Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine

The Laundry Alternative WonderWash Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine

The Laundry Alternative WonderWash Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine is entirely different from the compact machines listed above. It’s an affordable, lightweight, hand-operated washing machine that cleans clothing very quickly. Think of this manual washing machine as a hybrid between handwashing and modern, automatic machines. WonderWash weighs just six pounds and uses a gentle hand crank method to clean laundry in under two minutes. The countertop washing machine weighs just 5.5 pounds, and the tub fits one or two pairs of jeans or approximately six men’s T-shirts. There is no motor, agitator, or internal moving parts, so both the machine and the clothing washed have an extended use life. The top closes with a patent-pending one-snap motion, and the tub sits in a stabilizing stand with suction cup feet so that it doesn’t slide off the surface during cranking. This non-electric portable washing machine is a true asset to any lifestyle, whether you’re a single person, living in a tiny space, camping, or trying to live a greener lifestyle. The WonderWash measures 16 x 12 x 12 inches, can sit on the floor or counter, and comes with a three-year warranty.

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Best Bucket Washing Machines for Camping

6. Lavario Manual Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine

Lavario Manual Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine

The Lavario Manual Non-Electric Portable Washing Machine is an innovative new product that makes hand-powered washing possible without turning a crank or getting your hands wet. It’s a large tub and basket system that uses a straightforward, up-and-down hand motion to effectively wash all kinds of clothing, from cloth diapers to jeans, daily apparel, delicates, and everything in between. This non-electric washing machine is super-easy to use. Just add water and detergent to the tub, put laundry in the basket with a lid, and then pull the basket handle up and down to lift it in and out of water. Then, drain the soapy, dirty water by opening the drain on the button of the tub, refill with clean water, and rinse. The tub holds 10 gallons of water and a five-gallon basket of clothing. Washing and rinsing one load takes about 20 minutes. In addition, the tub has rubber feet, a sturdy handle for easy lifting, and a drain cap. The basket includes a lid and a super-long handle to support an effortless cleaning motion. Both have lightweight, compact, nearly unbreakable plastic. The unfilled basket and tub weigh 10 pounds, measure 19 x 19 x 24 inches, and are made in the USA. It can be used outdoors, in a kitchen sink, in a bathtub, or in any place appropriate for draining water.

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Best Mobile Washer for Backpacking

7. Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

For backpackers, campers, and travelers seeking a solution for washing clothing quickly, easily, and affordably, Scrubba Portable Wash Bag is an obvious choice. It’s a mobile washer and modern rendition of the old-fashioned washboards. The modern washboard is flexible and attached inside a nylon bag with a water-resistant coating. To use it, just drop a few items in the bag, be careful not to exceed the fill line, add water and soap, close, seal, and deflate the bag. Then gently rub the bag against the floor or other hard surface. It takes between 30 seconds and three minutes to clean one load with a T-shirt, one pair of underwear, and two pairs of socks. After cleaning is complete, open the bag and pour out the soapy water. Then, fill it again with clean water to rinse the clothing before draining again and hanging it to dry. When empty, the Scrubba Portable Wash Bag weighs five ounces, measures 6.3 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches, and is available in green, black, and tactical brown.

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Best Portable Washing Machine for RVs

8. Panda Portable Washing Machine

Panda Portable Washing Machine

The Panda Portable Washing Machine is the best high-capacity, lightweight, compact washing machine for RVs. It has a beautiful, modern gray design with electronic control panels and an LED display that features five water-level options and ten washing programs suitable for loads up to 10 pounds. It also has a stainless-steel tub, a 55-inch drain hose, and a folding glass top available in blue or yellow. The space-saving size and built-in rollers make it easy to move around. In addition, the small portable washing machine quickly adapts to any faucet. Simply attach the adapter, connect the inlet house, set the desired temperature, and fill the tub. The washing machine uses 110 volts and a three-prong power cord that works almost anywhere. This portable, space-saving machine weighs 51 pounds unfilled and measures 20 x 19 x 34 inches.

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Best Mini Laundry Machine for Apartments

9. COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine

COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine

The COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine is one of the best portable washing machines for sale on Amazon. It’s the perfect compact washer for apartments, dorms, and RVs because it’s fully automatic and quickly attaches to any faucet with its portable fill hose. In addition, the space-saving design and energy-saving functions ensure it will fit in tight spaces and save money on water and electricity bills. This machine includes every feature you’d expect to find in a modern, top-of-the-line washer, from a durable motor to wheels and handles to move it around quickly. In addition, it has a stainless-steel inner tub, a built-in lint trap, separate cold and hot water inlets, and a detergent box. The six cleaning programs include regular, quick, heavy, bulky, delicate, and spin only. There is also an option to select an extra rinse cycle and three temperature options. Additional features include a clear, soft close lid, child lock, delay start, and reload options. The top-loading COMFEE’ Portable Washing Machine holds 11 pounds of clothing and fits in a compact space of 20.7 x 20.3 x 36.6 inches. It comes in a magnetic gray color, weighs 70.5 pounds, runs on 120 volts, and uses 63 kilowatts per hour per year in energy consumption. If you’re looking for something smaller, opt for the .9 cubic feet COMFEE’ Portable Compact Washer. It weighs just 44.1 pounds and measures 18.1 x 17.7 x 31.5 inches.

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Best Foldable Washing Machine for Travel

10. Goodtrades Mini Foldable Washing Machine

Goodtrades Mini Foldable Washing Machine

The Goodtrades Mini Folding Washing Machine is the perfect portable washing machine for travel. It handles small laundry loads and can fold down compactly to fit inside a suitcase. To use it, simply lift the folded item until it stretches into an upright tub, secure the suction cups to a counter, then add a few items of clothing, water, and detergent. Next, press the button on the side to choose the washing time. After the load finishes washing, press the switch to automatically drain the tub, remove the clothing, and place the basket inside the tub. Next, add the clean, wet clothing to the basket, select the dehydration mode button, and wait a few seconds for it to start. After just a few minutes, the laundry is clean and dry. When compacted, the Goodtrades Mini Foldable Washing Machine measures 3.66 x 11.49 x 11.49 inches and weighs 5.5 pounds. Open, it measures 13.33 inches high and can wash up to 1.8 pounds of laundry. It’s available in pink and gray.

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What to Look for in a Portable Washing Machine

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best portable washing machine for your needs. Let’s get started with the top six things to look for.

1. Automatic, Semiautomatic, or Manual

When buying a mini washer and dryer, the first things to think about are how much manual work you want to do and how important energy efficiency is. Automatic machines do everything for you; just drop your clothes in, add some soap, and push a button to start it. On the other hand, semiautomatic machines usually require the user to perform one or more key functions. For example, you may have to put water in the tub yourself, watch it fill, and turn it off at the appropriate water level. You may also need to adjust the temperature manually.

Semiautomatic mini washing machines come with two tubs, one for washing and rinsing, the other for spinning. Using this type of machine requires manually moving the clean, wet clothing to the second tub for spinning. Such machines take a little extra effort to use but save a lot on energy and water costs.

Manual compact washing machines don’t use electricity and instead operate by hand power. Most manual washing machines make handwashing easier and more effective. The process is faster than typical handwashing but much slower and labor-intensive than using an automatic or semiautomatic washing machine.

2. Gravity Drain or Pump Drain

When buying a mini washing machine, carefully read or inspect how the tub drains. Automatic compact washers often work just like a regular washing machine. However, you never have to worry about where the water will go because the machines include an automatic drain system.

Some semiautomatic machines don’t have auto drain features. As a result, draining water out of the tub might require you to manually open a drain valve and attach a hose to the tub at the end of a wash cycle. For this reason, it’s essential to place the washing machine on top of a household drain, like in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or garage, just in case some of the water spills out.

Manual washing machines vary quite a bit. For example, some buckets include flat drains on the bottom that can be covered and uncovered by a rubber or plastic cover to stop or release water flow. Other buckets have small spouts like those on an ice cooler that must be closed to hold the water and opened to let it out. Finally, some manual washing machine tubs don’t have any drain features and must be dumped out like a bucket.

3. Laundry Capacity

Compact, portable washing machines are lighter and take up less space than traditional machines. The main idea is to fit them in smaller spaces and move them around more easily. The drawback is that the tubs are also smaller, so the size of laundry loads will be smaller, too. Look very carefully at the load capacity to determine how many clothes fit inside. For example, many portable washing machines can only wash a few undergarments, one pair of jeans, or a few T-shirts at a time. If you put in more than the recommended amount, the machine won’t function correctly, and you could wind up with a broken machine, clothes that aren’t clean, or both. Other compact washer and dryer sets claim to effectively wash a small or medium load of laundry the same way full-size machines do. In that case, carefully read user reviews on Amazon to learn how well they perform.

4. Weight & Portability

Weight is a crucial aspect of a portable washing machine. Since the idea is to move it around the house, take it camping, or even travel with it, you want something as lightweight as possible. But you also don’t want to buy something cheap and flimsy. Consider how much weight you are comfortable moving around as well as how well-made the internal elements are. For example, aluminum tubs and frames might weigh slightly more than lightweight plastic versions but will likely last longer. And suitable motors usually weigh more than cheaper versions but can also wash heavier loads of laundry. So, it’s essential to look carefully at how different elements impact the weight of the machine.

5. Hot Water Line

Some automatic mini washing machines include hot and cold water ports, but most semiautomatic machines do not. If automatic hot water is vital to you, check to ensure there are two different ports, one for hot and one for cold. If you opt for a semiautomatic washing machine, you don’t need a hot water port. Semiautomatic machines usually connect directly to a sink faucet, and you can manually select the desired temperature by turning the knob. Manual washing machines don’t have hot water because they don’t connect to electricity, but you can easily pour hot water into the bucket instead of cold water.

6. Motor & Power Voltage

Automatic and semiautomatic portable washing machines operate with electric motors and power cords. The strength of the motor power and the type of outlet the machine needs are crucial components when choosing the best mini washer. Watch out for cheap machines that don’t have strong motors as they can often only handle tiny loads of laundry and may not last long. As far as power cords go, think ahead about how or where you’ll be plugging in the washing machine. Check the laundry hookup in your house or RV to determine if you need a 110- or 220-volt power outlet. If you aren’t using a laundry hookup outlet, look for a three-prong cord that works in most standard electrical outlets.

Now that we’ve given you the lowdown on how to choose the best portable washing machine, we’d love to know your favorite pick! So, tell us in the comments which one you’re getting and if you’ll use it at home or for travel.


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